Segmento 3D Desktop Toy

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Rub this robot all over your desktop


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Do you think this robot is making fun of you? Do not like its, nor its manners ? Now is the time for revenge.

3D Desktop Toy Segment presents a one-dimensional robot on the screen whose body obeys the laws of physics. In this way, if you put it on top of the monitor it will fall into the void,and if you throw it against the side of the screen, it will bounce.

But there's more. Are you so angry you need off steam? Then it's time to add some items to the Desktop. We have steel beams, spiked balls and a crystal ball.

Throw the robot against these elements and use them to beat him. All items incorporate sounds that play when your "friend" is thrown them.

If you think that gravity is not enough, increase it and see the blows that put this grotesque robot.

If this program does not work,you will not miss it. It requires a very good graphics card. (At least that is what the author says.)

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